Lining Up Social Media and Book Marketing

Lining Up Social Media and Book Marketing

Self-published authors promoting their books have significant opportunities to use social media if it is done strategically. Today’s most successful book marketing campaigns rely on a mix of techniques to bring success. As a result, ensuring that social media posts are well coordinated with other activities can pay off. The goal is to reach your target audience with information to spark their interest in your book. While you might adapt your messages depending on the audience, your main points about your book will be consistent. It’s the same with timing, ideally reaching them as your book launches.

One of the cardinal rules with social media is to begin building a following long before publishing your book. For nearly all users today, followers build slowly, and there is little chance of amassing a sizeable following in a short period. If you launch your book and turn to social media only to realize your following is small, you’ll be left scrambling. People follow accounts that are entertaining or informational. If you begin making useful or clever posts and interacting with followers, your numbers will increase as they share posts with their friends. It’s the “organic” way to build your following.

Many book marketing campaigns seek media coverage; if you earn it, posting links on your social media always works well. It increases the reach of your media coverage and keeps your followers in the loop about you and your book. It’s also a way to keep your book on their minds without making a direct pitch. The soft sell approach, where you build people’s interest naturally, is nearly always the most effective. There isn’t an exact formula for successful posts, and what works for you will differ from others. The best way to learn what works is to try several approaches and find the most successful one.

Most seasoned publicists advise authors to find one or two social media channels and focus on them. In other words, you don’t need to be everywhere. You can also apply common sense in selecting which one. For example, use a photo-sharing platform if your work is heavy on imagery. If you have videos, consider a tube site, etc. It’s also wise to look at other authors in your genre. Review their accounts and see what they are posting that resonates with fans. You can’t copy them, but you can be inspired. Successful book promotion on social media takes suitable posts.  

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