How to Pick a Book PR Firm

How to Pick a Book PR Firm

PR firms are natural allies for authors trying to promote their work. While the topic of book marketing services is broader, its publicity component is more concrete. Even in the online era where social media dominates, your marketing program has room for media coverage. The media is a way to increase your stature in the eyes of target readers. When a news organization mentions you, it implies an endorsement – you and your work are newsworthy and deserving of attention. Trying to go “online only” in your PR program means a lot of self-promotion because the accounts are yours. When others talk about you first, it gets the ball rolling on your promotion.

When you look at book PR firms, many have specialties, and some are large enough to have a team with many areas of expertise. Some authors like the lone-wolf type, who are individual practitioners working in a hands-on approach. Often, these people are senior-level and accept projects selectively. They’re good, but they are working alone. If personal needs or another client takes their attention, your account goes uncovered until the pendulum swings back to you. It creates peaks and valleys in the progress of your program, and with a firm, the results can be steadier because several people share the work. 

Your genre and what you hope to accomplish with your book also can guide your PR firm selection. Clearly, some firms have genres in which they specialize. Specialization also means a developed media contact list in your area. The ability to connect you with the media most of interest is a selling point. It’s also important to remember that nothing in PR is guaranteed. But firms with excellent relationships stand a better chance of getting you covered. They also understand the media’s interest and how to make a compelling pitch. Nuance can matter because decisions are subjective, and you want things to go smoothly.

The decision about book PR people can consider budget and cost, but making it the primary factor may cost you results. Firms that have better people generally charge higher rates. If you go for a low-cost approach, you may be saddling yourself with an unproven team or lack experience working on marquee projects. Understanding how to handle complex topics and having knowledge of them helps. Firms with particular expertise are more respected and can function on a higher level from the start. If you’re paying a fee and someone is learning as they go, it’s a questionable situation.

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