What is Data Analytics in simple words?

What is Data Analytics in simple words?

Data analytics is collecting, organizing, and analyzing data to help make predictions and informed decisions. It’s a multidisciplinary field that uses various techniques, including math, statistics, and computer science. Data analytics is used in many industries, such as sneaker manufacturing, where sales data can help decide which designs to continue and which to retire.

  1. Descriptive analytics: – The most basic type of data analytics analyses historical data to identify patterns and relationships. An example of descriptive analytics is analysing sales data to understand trends in monthly revenue. By examining historical sales figures, a company can identify patterns, seasonality, and peak sales periods, helping them make informed decisions about inventory management, marketing strategies, and sales forecasting.

  • Diagnostic analytics: – Helps businesses understand why things happen by examining data to identify patterns, trends, and connections. For example, data analysts may identify anomalies in the data, collect data related to these anomalies, and implement statistical techniques to find relationships and trends that explain the anomalies.

  • Predictive analytics: – Uses data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and statistical models to find patterns that might predict future behaviour.

  • Prescriptive analytic:– A statistical method that uses both descriptive and predictive analytics to find the ideal way forward or action necessary for a particular scenario. Prescriptive analytics focuses on actionable insights rather than data monitoring.

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