The Ultimate Guide to Wall Tiles: Choosing the Perfect Design for Pune Homes

The Ultimate Guide to Wall Tiles: Choosing the Perfect Design for Pune Homes


As the ‘Queen of the Deccan’, the city of Pune resides millions from all over India – who live or wish to live in their dreamy paradise while infusing the rich Marathi culture. Whether you are building a new home with your personal touch or remodelling the old one in Pune, wall tiles should be your number #1 choice. Tiles can give your walls a stunning look. Picking up the right kinds of tiles for walls in different rooms cannot be an effortless task, especially if you are not very familiar with tiles and their varieties. There are many factors to consider, even if it would appear like the only goal is to choose a tile option that looks fantastic and goes well with the rest of your decor. In this blog, we’ll go over some crucial wall tile aspects that you should know about before you visit the best tiles shop in Pune to get wall tiles for your home.  

Diverse Wall Tile Materials

Tiles are crafted using various materials. Some popular tile materials are ceramic, porcelain and marble. It is hard to point out one particular kind to be better than the other two. They are different yet excel in catering to spaces’ needs. 


However, if you are comparing these three materials, porcelain tiles and marble tiles are harder than ceramic tiles, so they are useful for busy spaces. Each of these tiles comes with porosity however, porcelain tiles have the least porosity compared to the other two, so they are the most ideal ones for bathroom and kitchen walls. 


All of these tiles come in a broad spectrum of options that are available in the best tiles shop in Pune. You can find the tile shop and check out different designs and options of wall tiles in Pune that are made with these materials to beautify your home. 

Tile Finish: Matte v/s Glossy 

The most popular tile finishes are matte and glossy. Glossy finishes offer an elegant sheen look to the tiled surface while matte finishes offer a more refined and modern look to any space. 


Moreover, glossy tile finishes work greatly for wall tiles, especially in compact spaces as they can bounce light all around and create a sense of visual expansion. Even though matte finishes cannot create this illusion, they can elevate the understated aesthetics of any tile design. 


So, the choice of tile finish is up to you – whether you want your kitchen walls to shine or let the walls of your living room appear more sophisticated. 

Home Theme and Style 

Irrespective of the wall tile design you choose, you need to make sure that it matches the theme and style of your space. The best way to get the right kind of wall tile for any particular room is by determining the shade and the finish of the tile according to the rest of the interior setting you plan, including the furniture and flooring. 


For instance, if you wish to have an Italian white marble look, it is better to opt for light grey-toned tiles. Also, you can go for glossy decorative tiles in grey hues to craft an accent wall and enhance the refined look of the space even further. 


Likewise, it is better to avoid using tile tones and designs that do not blend with the rest of the setting, ruining the theme of your house. To build a trend-setting home, it will also be a good idea to infuse a naturalist look by installing wooden wall tiles. 

Play with Tile Sizes 

Experimenting with various tile sizes is one of the best methods to elevate your home’s decor. Large-format sizes like 600×1200 mm and standard sizes like 300×300 mm are among the several available sizes of wall tiles in Pune. The way your tiled walls seem is significantly influenced by the size of the tile.


Even though people usually go for the regular tile sizes, you can go a step ahead and select the large-format tiles which come with multiple benefits. Larger tiles are popular for their ability to create a sense of openness in any space. They truly find their place in compact spaces where they can create a seamless look due to minimal grout lines. 


Moreover, blending different tile sizes is also an excellent idea. You can try out different layout patterns such as chevron, herringbone, and brick depending on the tile size you choose. Different tile sizes allow you to get creative and infuse your artistic personality into your home decor. 


When it comes to grout, people do not annually seal their tiles to protect them from staining and water penetration. So, if you want to make sure your wall tiles play their roles effectively in safeguarding the internal elements of your building. Also, it is better to use a grout that has a sealer built in or just mix the grout with a sealer. 

Maintenance and Cleaning 

Tiles are highly durable and come with multiple resistant properties that make them easy to maintain and clean. In most cases, any spilt liquid or dirt on the tile surface can be easily cleaned using a clean cloth. Moreover, if you install glossy and smooth tiles, the cleaning routine can get even simpler. Plus, wall tiles are usually easier to maintain than floor tiles, no matter where you have installed them. 


From materials to sizes and designs to maintenance, wall tiles are indeed a great addition to any setting for transforming its aesthetics and functionality. When you plan to build your paradise in the city of Pune, you must consider visiting the best tiles shop in Pune such as Orientbell Tiles Boutique to explore a true collection of wall tiles to revamp your home.