Screen printing, personalization and printing services

Screen printing, personalization and printing services

For some time, more precisely since 2004, a wing of the business is that of screen printing, mainly for clients from Dallas Screen Printing Store. A less spectacular business, and in the age of screens, it doesn’t even seem to be a reason to praise that you deal with something so manual and “dirty” as personalization by screen printing using its various processes, classic or screen transfer.

Screen printing production

The registration workshop is not really small, at about 170 square meters, without carpet as it is, it is production, the computer support consists of about 6 computers. We have almost all the necessary equipment for such a workshop: 2 carousels with 6 arms (there are times when these silkscreen carousels are insufficient), an industrial belt dryer, drying racks and a lot of other increasingly smaller but essential devices when, whether you like it or not, you play in the professional league of screen printing services, especially promotional items.


Regarding the level of quality offered, I can say without blinking that we have the best screen printing services in Dallas Screen Printing Store, probably in Romania as well. That is, we offer the best quality in terms of delivery time and price. We are among the real experts that you can only find in an authentic personalization workshop. Experts who make mistakes in expression, grammar, syntax, dressed outside the current fashion, because their science and competence is in another field, that of screen printing!

We mainly do screen printing for advertising agencies, manufacturers of clothing, t-shirts, etc. but we do not refuse any order based on the criteria that it is too small. We only refuse orders that are verifiably anti-economic.

Screen printing on t-shirts

A good dose of orders are those for customizing textile materials, especially screen printing on t-shirts. Screen printing is usually done in one, two or even more colors. The quality of the print depends on both the experience of the screen printer and the chemistry of the screen printing ink. We purchase our printing materials only from top suppliers.

Polychrome T-shirt printing is an application of the same technical principles that underlie the offset printing process. Images can be printed directly on the t-shirt in a durable and wash-resistant way for surprising visual effects.

Polychrome screen printing customization of T-shirts is an advanced subject of screen printing technique

We are put to work by connoisseurs because we know screen printing. The history of serigraphy or academic details about serigraphy can be found on wikipedia .

Screen printed bags

Customizing textile bags is a well-known promotional idea, but it is not within the reach of any budget, the screen-printed canvas bag being a promotional product whose effectiveness has its price. We customize any canvas bags in any color, even polychromy, through classic screen printing. Moreover, for difficult textures we use screen printing by transfer to obtain lasting effects so that a promotional product as useful as the bag succeeds in its promotional mission.

The textile materials from which the bags are made have unique characteristics, presenting difficulties and challenges when printing them with dye. The type of material, texture, previous treatment processes, etc. make each promotional bag customization job an exam of real expertise and experience. Luckily we have both!

The most advantageous prices


To summarize, if you want the cheapest prices in Romania , at the best possible realistic quality in the shortest time, ask us for oneprice offerto your screen printing work. It will be a direct offer from an authentic producer who has been working day in and day out in the field for 10 years. This means that we managed to optimize the way of working in such a way that, in such a competitive environment as customization services , practically production, we manage to develop, in the same economic environment, I repeat, which eliminated from the scene many screen printing workshops whose work flow and teams of people failed to cross that critical threshold between a low production price , a solid, industrial quality and profit necessary for development. It was certainly not easy for us either, but we knew how to make it easy, as easy as possible for our clients. And they rewarded us by giving us the opportunity to serve them as best as possible. We thank them.