Protect your Metal Equipment with High-Quality Powder Coating Services

Protect your Metal Equipment with High-Quality Powder Coating Services

Do you want to protect your metal equipment or automotive parts from corrosion, abrasion, and weather elements? If so, then call Rusty Lions for high-quality powder coating services. Our professionals have several years of industry experience in metal finishing services, including powder coating.

 Along with protecting your equipment, powder coating is also an excellent environmentally friendly choice. We value the time and trust of our clients, which is why we ensure prompt and professional services with same-day delivery of your finished products.

 Advantages of Powder Coating

Powder coating holds several benefits over liquid paint finishing, including:

 ●    No emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC)

●    Powder coating can achieve thicker coating as against liquid paint without any running or sagging

●    Powder coating oversprays are recyclable, ensuring 100% use.

●    Powder coating produces less hazardous waste than liquid paint

●    Powder coating can achieve a wide range of finishes and textures as against liquid paint

 Get in Touch for Professional Powder Coating Services

At Rusty Lions, our powder coating services are availed by clients from various industries such as automotive, architectural, commercial, and residential projects. Whatever metal equipment you have, trust Rusty Lions to protect and enhance their aesthetic appeal with high-quality powder coating services.

 Talk to our experts to discuss your specifications or obtain a quote by calling 347-613-8103. 


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