Places to visit in Saudi Arabia during summer

Places to visit in Saudi Arabia during summer

Saudi Arabia is a remarkable country in the Middle East. The Middle East is well-known for its hot and dry weather. Due to this fact, many people think winter is the best time to visit Saudi Arabia because it gets hot there in the summer. However, many people still see the Saudi Kingdom to enjoy the lovely scenery, even though it’s getting warmer there. This country has numerous sites that have moderate weather during the summer. You can visit these tourist places after completing the pilgrimage by booking August Umrah Packages. The summer typically lasts from April to September in the Saudi Kingdom. If you want to explore these beautiful sites, read this article: “Places to visit in Saudi Arabia during summer.”


Tourist places in Saudi Arabia during summer

There are numerous tourist places in Saudi Arabia that you can explore during summer. These destinations include the following:

  • ·       Asir Mountains
  • ·       Taif
  • ·       Hail region
  • ·       Umluj
  • ·       Jeddah Corniche


Asir Mountains:

Asir Province is in the southwestern part of Saudi Arabia. The beautiful city of Abha is in the province of Asir. The area is next to Yemen and has a Red Sea beach. The province’s beautiful mountain area attracts a lot of visitors. The area mainly stayed mostly alone because of the complicated and steep terrain. The Saudi government just finished a lot of new infrastructure. It links the province to the rest of the world and makes it a famous vacation spot. During summer, the temperatures can range between 20 to 28 °C at this location. This mild weather will allow you to explore this destination and enjoy your travel easily.   



The “City of Roses,” another name for Taif, is an essential historical place in the Saudi Kingdom. In Saudi Arabia, it is in the western part of Mecca Province. The city of Taif in Saudi Arabia is located in the mountains. It is sometimes called the country’s “unofficial summer capital” because it is fantastic during the other hot summer months. The valleys and mountains around Taif are famous for their sweet-smelling flowers, which fill the city with a flowery tone and smell. During summer, the temperatures in Taif can range between 21 and 35 °C.


Hail region:

Hail is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia throughout the summer. This area is placed between the majestic Mount Salma and Mount Shammer. The region’s mild climate and steep terrain make it an excellent spot to escape the summer heat. The stunning mountains to the north and south of this area are open for hiker exploration. You can even set up camp in these mountains and relax by the campfire while taking in the breathtaking ambience of the surroundings.



The trip is complete if you visit one of Saudi Arabia’s beaches during the summer. Due to its highly frequented beaches, Umluj is among the top summer attractions in the Saudi Kingdom. The splendour of this paradisiacal coastline has earned Umluj the name “Maldives of Saudi Arabia.” This place is a nature lover’s delight because of the stunning palm palms that line the shore. One hundred four tiny, gorgeous islands make up this fantastic location.


Jeddah Corniche:

Jeddah Corniche is a well-liked tourist area with many beautiful sandy beaches. Along this Corniche, there are also a lot of restaurants, gardens, lodging options, resorts, parks, and fountains. The beaches in Jeddah provide scuba diving, banana boat excursions, and many other water sports.

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Even though it gets sweltering in the summer, Saudi Arabia has a lot of places to visit. The country has lots of fun things to do, like walking through the mountains, visiting historical places, and going to the beach. You will remember your travel to Saudi Arabia during the summer by completing various essential tasks before departing.