Insider Tips for Picking the Best Health Insurance Plan in the Indian Market

Insider Tips for Picking the Best Health Insurance Plan in the Indian Market

Every individual desires good health, and it is paramount to have a health insurance plan that meets your needs in case of any worst-case scenario. With several health insurance plans available in the Indian market, it can be overwhelming to select the best scheme for your family’s needs and budget.


This article offers insider tips for picking the best health insurance plan in the Indian market, including the CGHS scheme.


Tips For Picking The Best Health Insurance Plan

1. Evaluate Your Health Needs

Before diving into the market to search for a health insurance plan, the first step is to evaluate your health needs. Determine your family’s medical history, the immediate health needs, and the anticipated health concerns.


Knowing your medical history, and that of your family, will help in selecting a plan that offers adequate cover for chronic diseases. For instance, if you have asthma or other respiratory diseases, then an insurance plan that provides adequate coverage is paramount.

2. Research the Options Available

Once you have evaluated your medical history and health needs, it’s time to research the options available in the market. Checking out the best health insurance plan in India and other online resources like will guide you on the different options available in the market and their benefits.


Compare and contrast the different health insurance plans available in terms of their covers, services, customer service, and cost. Doing so helps you choose the best plan that fits your needs and budget.

3. Check for Inclusions and Exclusions

Before settling on any health insurance plan, it is essential to read and understand its inclusions and exclusions. These terms determine what is covered under the plan and what is not.


For instance, some plans may cover pregnancy and childbirth-related expenses, while others may not. If you are planning to start a family, it is essential to choose a plan that provides good coverage for pregnancy and childbirth.

4. Consider the Premium

The premium is the amount of money you pay towards the health insurance cover. The premium amount varies depending on the plan and the level of coverage you need.


When selecting a health insurance plan, it is essential to balance the premium amount and coverage provided. Opting for a cheaper premium while sacrificing the level of coverage you require is not advisable, and neither is choosing an expensive premium that is beyond your budget.

5. Look for Cashless Hospitalization

Cashless hospitalization is a system offered by insurance companies wherein a policyholder can receive medical care without having to pay the medical bills upfront. The policyholder submits the health insurance card at the hospital, and the insurer directly takes care of the bills.


When searching for a health insurance plan, it is essential to check if it provides cashless hospitalization services. This ensures that you do not have to worry about paying upfront for medical treatment in an emergency.

6. Know the Waiting Period

When you buy a health insurance plan, there is usually a waiting period after which the policy comes into effect. During this period, the insurer will not cover any medical expenses incurred by the policyholder.


The waiting period varies depending on the policy and the insurer. It is crucial to know the waiting period before choosing a plan. Ensure that the waiting period is reasonable, and the policy comes into effect within the shortest time possible after purchasing it.

7. Seek Professional Advice

While selecting a health insurance plan requires careful consideration, seeking professional advice from an insurance agent or broker helps you make an informed decision. These professionals can guide you on the best plan that suits your needs, budget, and provides excellent coverage.

8. Opt for the CGHS Scheme

Suppose you are looking for an affordable health insurance plan with excellent coverage for your family. In that case, the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) is a great option. It is a comprehensive health care scheme for current and retired employees of the central government of India and their families.


The scheme provides cashless medical facilities and covers expenses for hospitalization, outpatient treatment, diagnostic tests, medicines, and other medical expenses. The CGHS scheme is affordable, offers comprehensive health care cover, and is ideal for people who cannot afford expensive health insurance plans.


Final Thoughts

Selecting the best health insurance plan in the Indian market requires careful consideration of different factors. Evaluating your medical history and health needs, researching the options available, checking for inclusions and exclusions, considering the premium, and looking for cashless hospitalization are some of the key factors to consider.


Additionally, it is essential to seek professional advice and opt for the CGHS scheme for affordable and comprehensive health care cover. With these insider tips, you can select the best health insurance plan that fits your needs and budget.