How technology has affected writing skills?

How technology has affected writing skills?

Irrespective of the fact that you are either in a writing job or have never typed your life away like thousands of others, the fact remains that innovation is mightier than pen (metaphorically). To help children write better, we should also face the fears and strike and bring along the benefits of technology. Compositional style has shifted a long time ago. In this era, people described their views in a one-of-a-kind way as was the case before. There is a group of students that still can’t show up with good papers, made with a lot of wrong spelling mistakes, even after using many technologies like text editors. Likewise, the standard of their quality as an artist overall is decreased by this.

Benefits Of Technology For Writing

• Technology Supports Educators

Our largest limitation is this: most of the teachers have to work with large groups of students. It is more difficult when the professor has less time to spend with a particular student. Technology, while complementing teachers’ ability to encourage teacher independence among learners, can, therefore, be used in such a way.

• Strengthens Research Abilities

As for the university, the most spread is always the Internet. We don’t need to find any information beyond Wikipedia, but with a few winks, one could fill the student with a sense of all the kinds of learning resources to discover online.

• The Results Of These Studies Are Clear

Children achieve better grades, indicating the profound impact of school uniforms on their educational journey. This use of technology in writing is also one of the favorite topics of a schoolboy. The consistent improvement of writing skills gives students the opportunity for better grades as time passes. The internet writing assistants create a beneficial feature for the teachers, students, and their parents.

• Technology Saves Time

Students also spend a fortune on additional lifestyle products like fashion alterations or paper customization when they have several other pleats to make. Websites that provide outstanding CIPD Assignment Writing Help are at hand in those situations.

Drawbacks Of Technology In Writing

The causes of this are quite clear: children who do not know how to use technology in today’s world also find some disadvantages in it. Below, we will focus on the disadvantages of the driving effect.

Reduced Period Of Thinking

It can be quite a challenge for the teacher to keep students interested in the lessons given on the Internet.  One of the reasons is that the information is accessible with a simple click. As students are not finding the connection and desire to want more about the subject, the subject of students’ shortening attention spans has been given satisfactory credence in academic circles. As well, this entails that it will be more difficult for the students to have writing drills and learn how to create attractive presentations no matter what they talk about.


Speaking on this particular point is important – this is the one we explain to you right now. They don’t want to seem like a fraud because they can simply copy and paste the text from the internet. Even though they found such material elsewhere, so they decided to let the computer write for them.


The fact that with the help of online tools students can allow themselves to do away with skills that involve creativity is one of teacher’s fears. Another advantage of writing platforms to students is that they only get to use a single writing style. It might only help but not improve their writing skill.


Online services such as mobile apps, search engines, and social networking have shown that they are the major factors that shape the ways current students think and behave. Because of the few school changes to the whole education system, it’s important to understand the role technology plays in students’ academic progress.