Guide to Essay Writing: 5 Steps to Write an Outstanding Essay

Guide to Essay Writing: 5 Steps to Write an Outstanding Essay

If you are writing a 1000-word paper or a 30-page paper, writing an essay can be problematic. Since essay writing is not a simple work. Besides the main aim of writing essays is to increase your skills and knowledge in a certain topic. As well you need to write essays if you want to grab the A plus score. You cannot escape away from this, you have to practice it and master your writing skills. If you prepare well and master your writing skills, then writing plenty of essays will not become a challenge for you.  As a result, in this article, we are going to show you the best tips for writing papers that will grab you the best possible grades.

Top Killer Tips to Write Essay:

1. Know the Paper

Do not accept and do not take too lightly how easily you can get the wrong idea about guidelines. Confusion will become very costly for you and you will lose plenty of grades if you do not grasp the paper before writing. So you have to read your instructions very carefully. Then highlight the main keywords that indicate that point out the right aim of the paper. Lastly, if you still have any confusion regarding the topic of your paper then you must talk to your teacher and he or she will support you to clarify the topic.

2. Research the topic

Now that you have a complete understanding of the topic. In this step, you will need to go deeper into your topic and find useful and relevant info. Researching permits you to go thorough into a topic beyond what you have studied in the class. As a result, it is normally the most fun and time-consuming aspect of the essay essay-writing process.  The crucial to close your eyes to falling into the rabbit hole of infinite research is that you must think smart. For that you need to place yourself in the shoes of readers, what would you like to know most about your subject matter? As well you can create a list of questions that are useful for your topic. But you need to reduce anything that is very general

As you go deeper into your topic, it is crucial that you need to keep track of your sources and then pile up a list of references. Thus you can have specifics in hand once you begin writing them into your paper. However, you can utilize the effective and useful way by hiring a Cheap Essay Writing Service and your task will be done in a quick time. These services usually have expert teams that will generate high-quality papers in just 24 hours.

3. Create your thesis statement

Your essay will look good and top-quality if you write a good thesis statement. So you need to think of your paper like a defense trial. These questions are what is the main argument and what is the goal of writing the paper? Does it grab the attention of the readers once you are done writing?  You must write your debatable thesis statement but then ignore writing generally. It is not a truth or an opinion. Nonetheless, instead, a claim can be prolonged on both sides of the barrier. A well-written thesis statement is an overture in what way your argument will develop. And then it offers your audience where you are going with your evidence.

4. Outlining, structuring, and concluding

You have obtained your thesis statement and careful research to support it. In the next step, you need to place them together in your essay. You have to write a convincing essay that shows your readers your consistency and unity during the writing.  Also, you want your arguments to read like they are developed naturally. As a result, you should think about the ways to order them. If there is a certain timeline involved, so what are you going to do is to arrange them chronologically with points. Thus your readers will easily follow.

Now you need to divide your sections into multiple parts which is one more way to signal transition among ideas. Before you introduce new helping evidence into your writing. As well you can also finish every idea with practical life examples and get ahead counter-arguments to your claims by tackling them as much into your essay.

Once you write your conclusion of your essay do not write and add new info that will distract the readers. Utilize the space to create a long-lasting impression on your readers by writing to a write-to-the-point ending. Lastly, offer a good closing by providing a unique and original point of view on the bigger scholarship of the topic of your essay.

5. Proofread and edit the essay

Do not submit the essay to your writer till you edit and proofread it. You will lose your chance of getting an A-plus grade. So try to fix errors, mistakes, sentence structure, and punctuation. If you are getting tired do not spot any mistakes. The thing you can do in that situation is take a rest from this process and do other things. Once you come from rest and you have a fresh mind then you can easily see mistakes and then you will have no issues with fixing grammar mistakes. You can as well consult to professional proofreader and then they can do it for in reasonable price.


Few teachers are happy to offer their responses and as well they provide ideas for your draft. As a result, you can give your essay to your teacher. But you must ensure that there is some time left in the deadline. Obtaining professional feedback can become the game changer among a low and top grade for your essay. Hence you can easily get the best grade.