Do This When QuickBooks POS Failed to Open Company File

Do This When QuickBooks POS Failed to Open Company File

Did your company file not open while using QuickBooks POS? Follow the blog and identify the reason for this problem and its troubleshooting. The QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) Failed To Open Company File” error shows the issues with the company file. Numerous factors, including corrupted files, issues with the network, or insufficient user permissions, could be the cause of this. Ensure that both QuickBooks POS and the company file are compatible before attempting to fix the QuickBooks POS Failed To Open Company File Error. Check for permissions on the network and transfer the corporate file to a local directory if needed. Use the QuickBooks File Doctor utility to locate and fix problems with your files. 


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Reasons for the Unable to Open Company File in QuickBooks Point of Sale


The two leading causes of QuickBooks Point of Sale not opening company files are out-of-date QuickBooks versions and improper system configurations. The following is a comprehensive list of these mistakes:-


  1. Instead of installing Point of Sale as a server, users did so as a client workstation.

  2. Your file cannot be accessed because the POS database service manager is not operating.

  3. There has been an error connecting to the corporate file.

  4. Your corporate file was compromised.

  5. The company file was changed to a newer version of Point of Sale using Windows XP SP2.  

Points to Check Prior Troubleshooting 


Before moving on to the troubleshooting stages, users should try the following two items as they can resolve your issue without requiring complicated processes:-


  • Turn your system back ON: Rebooting your computer will restore any unsaved modifications and refresh your operating system. This will help if a recent configuration update is the source of the fault. 

  • Proceed to log in using the Windows Administrator account on your machine: If you log in with an administrator account, you get more rights. The configuration of the system is modifiable and controllable.


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Troubleshoot QuickBooks Point of Sale When It Isn’t Opening the Company File


When QuickBooks Point of Sale Won’t Open a Company File, there are five possible solutions that you can try. In addition to fixing QBPOS, they are changing the file, restoring a backup, and restarting the POS service. Let’s examine the best method in more detail:-

Resolution: Restart the Point of Sale System


If you restart Point of Sale services, the unsaved modifications from your application will be reversed. This fixes the error by fully refreshing the application. When you see the warning “Error: Point of Sale is Unable to Open or Connect to QuickBooks,” you should take the following actions:-.


  1. Shut down the QuickBooks Point of Sale program.

  2. To type a service, press the Windows start button and type services.msc, then hit Enter.

  3. Use QBPOS Database Manager and Intuit Entitlement Service to search and configure:

  • Double-click Intuit Entitlement Service vX (if there are many versions, choose the higher one).

  • Select Automatic in the Startup Type column under the General tab, and confirm that the Service status indicates begun. Now launch your Company file once more.

  • Select Local System Account under the Log On tab, then click OK to let the service communicate with your desktop.


  1. Exclusively for IntuitEntitlement Service:

  •  Select Restart the Service from the Recovery menu’s First, Second, and Subsequent fields.

  1. Once you’ve selected Apply, click OK.


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This blog explains the steps a user must take when QuickBooks POS Failed to Open the Company File. It also points out the causes of the error and some important notes to make before troubleshooting. If you have any follow-up questions regarding this topic, you can call +18557380359 and converse with an expert to resolve your problem.