10 Treatment Options for Neuropathy Solutions in Legs and Feet

10 Treatment Options for Neuropathy Solutions in Legs and Feet

When you damage the peripheral nerves in your legs, podiatrists will say you have developed neuropathy in your legs and feet. While you will need to seek neuropathy solutions, there will be significant discomfort and pain in your legs. 

As there are several types of treatments available for your feet, it is a daunting task to choose the perfect treatment for the neuropathic condition of your feet. It is seen podiatrists will help you to choose the right kind of treatment for your neuropathic condition in your legs.

Before podiatrists start with treatment for neuropathy in your legs, they will examine pain relief strategies and nerve damage mechanisms in your legs. You must understand the comprehensive necessities of potential treatments. 

While there are conventional methods of treating neuropathy in the legs, you will find that there are alternative therapies that are very good for your condition. The article will explore ten types of treatments for neuropathy in your feet. 

 Treatment Options for Neuropathy in Legs and Feet

When podiatrists give neuropathy solutions, the main aim is to address the underlying causes of conditions. The address of underlying causes will provide symptom relief. There are ten effective treatments for neuropathy in the legs, which are denoted below. 


There are some over-the-counter – drugs, which can alleviate the neuropathic discomfort and pain in your legs. Some topical creams can give you relief from pain in your legs. 

Podiatrists will also prescribe creams that can give you relief from itching and pain. It is necessary to speak with podiatrists about these medications as a treatment for neuropathy in feet. 

It is also necessary that you speak with podiatrists about whether you are an ideal candidate for these medicines. When podiatrists give you such medicines, you are going to resolve the infections that can develop under your feet through neuropathic disease. 


Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)


When it comes to neuropathy treatment, podiatrists will use Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (Tens). There will be a passing of electric current to ease other neuropathy symptoms, and pain. 

Podiatrists will place small electrodes on the skin near injured nerves. There will be delivery of gentle electric currents on your feet nerves. There will be a lessening of perception of pain in your leg nerves.

It is seen that some Tens Units are portable and small. They can be used at home to give relief to neuropathy pain.

Occupational and/or Physical Therapy


Podiatrists will also suggest physical therapy as a part of neuropathy treatment. Physical therapy will focus on routine exercises, massage, and other treatments that will enhance your strength and posture. 

The physical therapy will address muscular weakness associated with motor nerve damage. There should be changes in walking and sitting that will help you to relieve your leg pain. 

When you perform physical therapy, there will be regaining of functional changes brought on by nerve damage. As you do physical therapy, you are going to achieve new ways of doing daily activities. 


Addressing Lifestyle and Nutrition 


If you are experiencing vitamin deficiency, you can develop peripheral neuropathy. When you want to stop your foot nerve damage, you will need to have a balanced diet with whole fruits, grains, and fruits. 

Podiatrists will say that good nutrition is one of the better neuropathy solutions. While you will be able to maintain good muscle strength, you will be able to regulate blood sugar and healthy weight. 

While you should cut down on alcohol consumption, you will need to quit tobacco products as well.


Modulating Treatments or Immune-suppressing

When you have peripheral neuropathy, your podiatrists will choose immune suppressing procedure as a treatment for neuropathy in feetThe treatment can involve IV infusion treatment or oral medications. 

Podiatrists will also try out plasmapheresis as an immune-suppressing treatment. During this procedure, a portion of blood will be removed from your body. While there will be cleaning of antibodies and immune cells, the clean blood will be returned to the body. 


Orthopaedic and Braces 


When it comes to treatment for neuropathy in your legs, podiatrists will suggest orthopaedics and braces to reduce the effects of neuropathy on your feet.

 If you have diabetes, podiatrists will suggest diabetic shoes that will not only provide added support but also reduce the risk of skin breakdown in your feet. Once you wear orthopaedic and braces, you will be able to get relief from pain.



When it comes to the treatment of neuropathy in feet, podiatrists will also try out acupuncture which will improve and heal your leg nerves. There will be insertion of needles on your painful leg nerves. These needles will stimulate leg nerves. 

While it is also a 
treatment for neuropathy in your legs, these needles will alter the experience of other symptoms and pain. The therapy has little side effects. It is seen Acupressure another form of this practice. 


Body and Mind Practices


When you are experiencing neuropathy pain in your legs, podiatrists will ask you to do meditation, deep breathing, and other things. These practices are used in conventional medicines. You will get good benefits mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

While it is a neuropathy treatment, it will improve your quality of life, promote relaxation, and reduce pain and stress as well. 




When it comes to serious peripheral neuropathy, podiatrists will go for surgery. Certain surgeries will take the pressure off the damaged nerve. Podiatric surgeons will go for minimally invasive surgeries with precise equipment and smaller incisions.


Cognitive Therapy 


When it comes to neuropathy treatment, podiatrists will also suggest cognitive therapy. In this therapy, you will cope with things that you like to do. It will help you to ease off your neuropathic pain and heal your condition.


Final Thoughts


When you have neuropathy in your legs, podiatrists will suggest ten treatments to heal your condition. While you will be able to move your legs properly, you will not feel any discomfort and pain in your legs.


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